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Deldare from Buffalo Pottery- a Great Time to Collect!

While we have a little down time at Cornerstone I thought it might be interesting to give some information about the Deldare ceramic pieces made by Buffalo Pottery that we have in our front counter showcase. Most of our customers are not familiar with it because it isn’t often seen, but they do respond to it visually because it’s so striking.

“Buffalo Pottery owes it existence to a cake of soap” as one reference book puts it. The Larkin Soap Company founded in the late nineteenth century was helped by the premiums it gave to become a very well known brand. The burgeoning demand for the product spurred the company to build it’s own pottery (which opened in 1903) to produce the quantity and quality of the premiums it needed. Buffalo Pottery, after a time, began creating advertising and commemorative pieces for other companies.

The Deldare line was by far the most sophisticated line of pottery produced by Buffalo Pottery. Potters that had been hired away from other potteries created the line. There had to be chemists, potters, and artists to create the ware. The clays they used were different than their other wares, and the artists had to be highly skilled to make the hand painted line consistent. It was a complicated process that came together to produce this unusually colored eye catching line of ceramics. English scenes were chosen to decorate the pieces. At first glance it looks like English pottery.

The Deldare line was produced mainly from 1908-1911 and sold as a “stand alone” line in high end department stores. The line was discontinued in 1911 because it was costly to produce. It was revived briefly between 1923-1925, offered this time as a Larkin premium and again discontinued again because of cost and lack of color photos in their advertising. The wares are dated and signed by the artists.

The “Emerald” line of Deldare is distinguishable from the rest of the this pottery by it’s imaginative Art Nouveau borders. That line is shown mostly with comical Dr. Syntax scenes. Even though the borders are different in style from the traditional look of the other pieces it really works visually. The Emerald line is predominantly what we have in our showcase at Cornerstone. They are all from the earlier period of production.

When I was a young antiques dealer in the 1980’s, Deldare was very expensive. Small pieces sold for $400-500 easily. Since the market for many antiques has softened in the past 10 years, the price of Deldare has fallen dramatically. Currently prices are about 10%-20% of what they were at the height of the market. This would be a great time to collect it. Although prices have tumbled, Deldare still looks great to me.

Thanks to “The Book of Buffalo Pottery” by Seymour and Violet Altman for the great information.

Beth Plein
Consignment Manager
Cornerstone Antiques, Consignments & New Home Furnishings

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Last day to Save, Saturday- March 28, 2020! Email Club Members got a jump start yesterday. (Join our “Email Club” by using the “Buying” tab on our website!) The Sale is now open to all of our customers to buy any item in the store and save an additional 10%. No limit to how many items you can buy or how much you can save!

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Furniture, pictures, prints, silver, lamps, rugs, mirrors, porcelain, china, and more!

Below are just Some of the Many Prints, Paintings and Mirrors at the Store!

Although our store is closed, we have one of our team members here during business hours Tuesday through Saturday checking emails, answering calls, updating our website and selling some wonderful things right over the phone! Items purchased during this time can be picked up or delivered at the end of this crisis we’re all facing!

We plan to give all of our customers a nice distraction from things by updating our site with a wider variety of items than we are usually able to post!

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YES, We are Open and ready for Business!

We are being diligent about sanitizing surfaces and will continue to do so throughout the day!

Below are just a few pictures from this week’s area pick ups! Our team has been very busy prepping and placing lots of great furniture. Our sales floor is packed full and ready for you!

Many pieces are selling before we can get them on the website! So stop in today, March 14, 2020, to do some furniture shopping!

Traditional Dining Room Furniture From Henkel Harris, Potthast and Statton!
Henkel Harris Bedroom Furniture!
King Solid Cherry Pencil Post Bed from Henkel Harris.
Stickley Coffee and End Tables.

Just Consigned These Very Nice Rugs!

Pictures below are of 3 nice Room-Size Hand-Made Wool Rugs that came in on Consignment and were tagged yesterday, March 5, 2020!

Blue 8 feet by 9-10 oriental rug. #7378-1. $795. SOLD
Large 10 feet by 14 Hand -Made Carpet with soft colors. #6557-2. $995. SOLD
Red Room-Size Rug from Nice West Towson Home. 10 feet by 13-9. #7382-1. $450.SOLD

Thursday March 5, 2020- Lots of Furniture Landing on Our Dock!

Take advantage of our Thursday Evening Hours (Open until 7 pm) and come see today’s arrivals!

Below are just some of the Bedroom, Dining Room, Club Chairs and More that came in today!

Banded Mahogany Chest, Dresser and Nightstand from Dixie. Also, Club Chairs and Modern Set of 6 Aluminum and Faux Leather Chairs!
3 Chests from Lexington and a nightstand from Ethan Allen.
Lexington Queen Poster Bed from set above!

Leap into Savings at Baltimore’s Best Furniture Consignment Store!

You don’t have to wait for a sale to Save Hundreds of Dollars on High Quality Furniture!

Here’s a sample of some newly arrived furniture-

Hancock & Moore Leather Club Chairs, Compare New Price of $2,200 and Up. Cornerstone Price- $450 each!

Room & Board Walnut “Basis” Desk, Compare New Price of $1499. Cornerstone Price- $495!

Ethan Allen 3 Cushion Skirted Sofa, Compare New Price of $2475 and Up. Cornerstone Price- $495!

Fairfield Ocassional Chairs, Compare New Price of $725 and Up. Cornerstone Price- $159 each!

Arriving Today (Friday Feb 28th) on Our Dock!

The Bedroom Furniture Pictured here is just some of the consignment furniture that we’ll be bringing in later this morning!

Stop in or Call for prices to buy these pieces right off the dock!

Durham Solid Cherry Bedroom Set. Buy it all or just the pieces you need!
Durham Solid Maple Panel Bed and Tall Chest!
Mahogany 4 Drawer Dresser and Cherry Nightstand.