It’s Friday, July 17, 2020 and Our Guys are Busy Prepping more Furniture that Just Arrived!

If it’s been a little while since you’ve stopped in, you’ll see some new faces in the shop! Like the many faces that have passed through Cornerstone over the years, these 3 young men are hard workers who really enjoy serving our customers!

That’s Spencer and Kenneth prepping a Beautiful Maitland Smith Leather Top Kidney Shaped Desk! They’ll be placing it on the floor when it meets Cornerstone’s standards for being ‘ready to place in your home’! The next picture shows Tom cleaning the glass on a Henkel Harris 12 Pane Corner Cabinet. He just finished prepping the Henkel Harris Sideboard that came from the same local home!

The final picture is of a 3 piece modern living room set- one leather sofa, one leather loveseat and a modern coffee table. All of these pieces are available to buy once they land on our dock! Stop in often so you don’t miss a thing.