Q: What types of items can you help me sell?
We specialize in High Quality Furniture. But we also handle a variety of accessories. Accessories that sell well include- Sterling Silver, Pictures, Paintings, China, Porcelain Pieces, Jewelry, Lamps, Rugs, and Fireplace Tools. As a general guideline, we have a minimum starting price of $25 per item.(Metals License #01-2669)

Q: What are your consignment terms?
Items are consigned for a 4 month period. After 30 days, prices on any unsold items will be reduced by 15%. After 60 days, the price will be reduced by an additional and final 15%. The customer receives 50% of the selling price on all items. Checks will be mailed to the consignor by the fifteenth of the month for items sold during the previous month. A $1 handling fee is deducted from each check.

Q: How do I know if my furniture is “high quality”?
A good place to start is by browsing the “manufacturers” drop down list on our website. It will give you some of the most popular brands we sell. Another way is to browse our website by “category”. This will give you an idea about the different styles that sell well in our store.

Q: My merchandise has some bumps and bruises. Is there any way to make it look more appealing for potential buyers?
Before putting your furniture in front of our customers, we make sure it is showroom ready. In our “Prep Shop”, furniture is cleaned, brass polished and loose knobs tightened. But we can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse! So it’s important that we accept only furniture that has been very well cared for its entire life.

Cornerstone is Baltimore’s Only Consignment Store with a dedicated “Prep Shop”!

Q: Will Cornerstone buy my items?
In most cases, we will offer to buy or consign your furniture. Accessories and most other items are done only on consignment. Either way, expect a good return, fair treatment and prompt payment.

Q: Can Cornerstone help me determine the value of my item?
Not sure what your pieces are worth? Is your family heirloom a treasure, or just a doorstop? With over 33 years in business, and hundreds of satisfied consignors, Cornerstone has the expertise to help you determine what the market will bear.

Q: My item is too big to bring to the store. Can you have someone come to my house to determine how much my item is worth?
Start the process by emailing pictures of your item(s) to “[email protected]”. Describe the condition in detail (age, wear, scratches, etc) along with the manufacturer’s name if available. Include your name, phone number and area where the pieces are located in your email. You’ll get an email back from us letting you know that we received your pictures! After a phone call from us to discuss the pictures you sent, it may be time for one of Cornerstone’s experienced professionals to visit your home and assess your items in person. Distance from our store, along with the number and types of pieces you have will all play a part in our ability to visit in person.

Q: Can Cornerstone assist with my Estate Liquidation?
Whether you are selling one piece, or a complete household, Cornerstone can help. We will tailor a program to your individual circumstance by putting you in touch with local professionals that can help with organizing needs, haul away and clean out services, and more. Large items and small, antiques and newer pieces, put Cornerstone’s years of service and connections to work for you.

Q: I don’t have a truck. Can Cornerstone come pick up my furniture?
We have a variety of ways we can help to make the whole process go smoothly. Our company truck and delivery team can handle many local, first floor moves. For other moves, we have a list of recommended carriers that can pick up things near and far!

The Consignment Process Step by Step


1. What We Take. By visiting our store or looking through our website you will get a good sense for the types of things we sell.  Following today’s trends we find that the furniture styles selling the best are from high end designers, as well as mid century classics,  and timeless “period” pieces by the best manufacturers and cabinet shops of the past 100 years.  We are able to sell a good mix and are tuned in to what is in high demand. In addition we sell fine accessories and higher end collectibles.  Only furniture in good condition sells for a good price. Just think that if you were a buyer what condition it would have to be in for you to consider it.
2. Contact Cornerstone. Either call (410-561-3767) or email us ([email protected]). We can often determine with a phone call whether we should come to see you first, need to see pictures first, or that we can’t sell it at all. In many cases we can refer you to other resources to fill your needs if we can’t help.
3. Seeing What You Have. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Always feel free to email photos, send photos, or bring photos to us of the things you have to sell. When we determine that you have furniture we can sell, we will set an appointment to come and see you. For small items (silver, prints, china, etc.) we ask that you call ahead and make an appointment to bring them in for us to review with you at our consignment counter. We can also look at furniture for you right at our door, just call ahead to set a time. Where ever we see your furniture, a thorough examination is critical to establishing the right price, so we need to be able to see it easily- not stacked, covered,or stored tightly.
4. How We Determine Price. Because we handle a multitude of brands- ones that are still made, and many great brands that are no longer in business, we have extensive experience in determining the value of your items in the secondary marketplace. Current market value is based on form, quality, condition, demand, what the piece would cost new, and our store’s past experience. We will consult with you to determine the starting price of all items.
5. Consign vs Selling Outright. Once we determine what furniture of yours we can help with, you can consign it, or in many cases have the option of selling it to us outright. When you sell furniture to us, there are no pick-up charges. Consignment terms are explained above.
6. The Modern Age of Technology- has given us a tremendous reach and there are upsides and downsides. For those of you who contact us from a distance we will determine whether it is feasible to try to consign your items based on what you have and how far you are from us. Because condition is so important we are hesitant to take things without examining them first. We have to make a tough call sometimes about the practicality of consigning from a distance. We consider these requests on a case by case basis. We’re always happy to talk to you about it. The upside from all of this technology is that furniture on our website gets great “reach”. It is amazing how many people all over the country are furniture shopping from their home computers, work computers (you know who you are), and other electronic devices. I don’t think we’ve heard from Alaska or Hawaii yet.
7. Getting it To the Store. Once we’ve determined that our store is a good fit for your items, you are welcome to bring or send your pieces to us with just a phone call ahead. We can also assist you with our own truck and delivery team or recommended movers.
8. Getting it Sold. Once we polish your pieces in our prep shop they are photographed and posted to our website. We update our website throughout the week, every week, removing sold items and posting the latest arrivals! This commitment has built us a large online following. We have been noticing more and more over the years that people who see our website show up from Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, etc. with houses to fill. When they get here we have a great sales staff to help them. We also maintain a huge “want list” of people who are searching for specific pieces. Our custom software allows us to email interested patrons a photo, price and measurement of furniture items that fit their needs. Finally, our 9,000 sq. ft. store is located in the middle of an upscale metropolitan area. We take great pride in displaying your items in our clean, easy to shop showroom!

Small Items

If you are unsure of what we take, just call. We do well with higher end collectibles, nice porcelain, good sets of china, sterling silver, unusual silverplate, better jewelry, paintings, prints, good fireplace accessories, nice lamps, and Oriental rugs. We take small items at our consignment counter by appointment. Our consignment manager came to us through the antique business and that can be a great advantage if you have older things to sell. Small items are on consignment terms only.(Metals License #01-2669)