Moving the Little Stuff in Style!

denaemptiesbreakfrontwithsmallsmovingmachineWhile a lot of time and energy go into the planning of getting our furniture from place to place, the “little stuff” is often overlooked. That’s why the staff here at Cornerstone was so thrilled to add this sleek “smalls moving machine” to our inventory of dollies and hand trucks!

Shown here is Marketing Manager Dena Lorenzi who can’t seem to stop smiling. I’m not sure if it’s the actual cart that’s bringing the smile to her face, or she’s just relishing in the fact owner Ted Drabik pried open his wallet to add this snappy little number to the team.

Like everyone here at Cornerstone, Dena wears many hats. Whether she’s planning special promotions,connecting with our Facebook users, assisting customers, or moving the “little stuff” from a sold breakfront, Dena always has a smile and a cheerful word to share.

So next time you visit, take a minute to say hi to Dena and ask her about the new “smalls moving machine”, I’m sure you’ll get a smile!