Furniture Styles to Suite Every Taste As We Start the New Year!

usedfurniturebaltimoreAs time ticks on, so does the ever-changing Consignment Furniture at Baltimore and Washington DC’s Favorite Furniture Consignment Store! While we don’t know all the pieces that will pass through our doors in the upcoming year, we do know that there will be something for everyone! That’s because Cornerstone will continue it’s commitment of bringing you High Quality Consignment Furniture in a variety of styles.These pictures taken just a few days ago show some wonderful casual and mid century modern pieces. mid century modern consignment furniture So, make one of your New Year’s Resolutions to put furniture in your home that you’ll be pleased with for years to come. Better still, do it for a Fraction of What it Would Cost New by shopping at the regions Best Furniture Consignment Store! Happy New Year from All of Us at Cornerstone Antiques, Consignments and New Home Furnishings!