Consignment Furniture Makes a Statement!

traditionalfurniturefederalstyleDo you want to see a home furnished almost entirely with Cornerstone furniture & accessories? Our own Dena Lorenzi, Cornerstone’s Marketing Manager, posted a group of photos onto our Facebook Page from a recent visit. Here’s what she had to say…….

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the house of a loyal customer. John Blake* has been shopping at Cornerstone since 2004. He loves traditional, federal…-style decor; his space is gracious & exquisitely decorated. Mr. Blake jokingly told me that over a 30 year period he’s refined his taste, ” going from Ford to Jaguar.” His condominium took about 5 years to finish. Mr. Blake spoke highly of Cornerstone’s master restorer Wally Nolan. The gentlemen have been friends for over 20 years. Mr. Blake explained, “Wally has been instrumental with furniture selection & placement, paint colors etc. He’s been a terrific sounding board … a trusted advisor.” Wally is MICA educated & has spent a career working with the top design firms in the Baltimore area. There’s so much eye candy to feast on in this 1,800 sq. ft. home. Each piece has a story; each piece has meaning to Mr. Blake. I am truly grateful for the hospitality of my host. We hope you get inspired! Enjoy the photos.