New Hand Made Rugs Arrive on Dock!

baltimoreconsignmentstoreOur customers know that there’s a lot more to our Baltimore Consignment Store than most people would expect. Here’s a picture of Consignment Manager, Beth Plein and Floor Supervisor Alex Hernan, inspecting and inventorying a group of Brand New, Hand Knotted Rugs. These quality rugs are the same fine examples you may find in Baltimore’s High End Rug Stores. But we sell them at a Great Everyday, Low Cornerstone Price.

So if your home is in need of a Carpet, Rug or Runner, Shop Cornerstone First. We’ll show you Baltimore’s Best Selection of New and Consigned Rugs in one easy stop. And at Cornerstone, it’s easy to tell our New Rugs from our carefully chosen Consignment Rugs. Just look for the Blue Colored Price Tags. That’s because all of our consignment pieces have a “white” tag. So If It’s Blue, It’s New! Now come in and see all of these great deals for yourself.