Mahogany Dining Room Furniture Makes Comfortable Seating for Catholic Business Network Meeting!

baltimorefurniturestoreWhen the Catholic Business Network needed a location to hold their monthly meeting, Cornerstone made it easy! That’s because our Baltimore Furniture Store is just up the street from the hotel where the group usually holds their meetings. We simply made some adjustments to our Dining Room Furniture Selection to give the group of local business leaders a comfortable place to gather.

And the standard “coffee and tea” just wasn’t enough for Cornerstone’s own Karen Spivey. Just like Cornerstone “raises the bar” on what a used furniture store should look like, Karen brought in a beautiful selection of donuts, pastries and fresh fruit for our guests to enjoy.

The highlight of the meeting was a wonderful talk given by Baltimore’s Loyal University’s Assistant Basketball Coach Gregg Manning and star player Robert Olson. The two gave the audience many insights as to the work and dedication it takes to build a winning team. They also stressed the importance of the “retreat” the team took together to start the season and how it helped the team become a much tighter group.